Thursday, September 29, 2005

Compare Baseball to Cricket

No, not the actual game. That is upto you. I would like to show you what the US Congress is doing to mismanagement of baseball. The underlying reasons to do so are the same - they fear that baseball players, serving as role models for young kids are serving as bad examples!

What example do you think Ganguly set for India? Or that matter, the BCCI? The indecisiveness is rudely shocking. It is also, almost resounding proof that a "miracle" is needed to induce professionalism into Indian sports.

Read this article:,0,5598497.story?coll=la-story-footer&track=morenews

So what if the government has to interfere? The BCCI is doing a bad job as it is. And being a free society doesn't mean, people get the right to act like asses.

It also goes to show that using bad quality retired players in an organization that is supposed to alter the way the game is played in our country is not working.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

India jumps up on the global competitive index!

Does this mean we are feeding our hungry? Probably not. But a jump from 55 to 50 in a marginally trustable statistic should mean something, doesn it?


Arun Bhatia, India's Role Model?

Beauracrat (okay, I don't think I spelled that right, are you going to red - tape me for it?) turned politician? Is that even possible? Is this guy real, you ask? Let's find out!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2005

India a force to reckon, so much so that its a part of the balancing dance?

Read these:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Okay, enough with the links! I am NOT a fan of the Indian Express - new, old or bottled otherwise. What attracted me was a front page link to these articles that make me think, maybe we are getting there. We are huge enough to have the power to influence the international community.

No I am not writing one of those sobby rantings on how we have progressed. I am by far the worst critic that the political/diplomatic/journalistic populace of India could have. However, I see an increasing opportunity to take our problems of energy, hunger, poverty, IT, industry and what have you, and convert it into strengths. We could use our position in the wrold as a tool to forge ahead, break traditional barriers and create those checks and balances that we have in an extremely unipolar world.

I do agree, we need to do the balancing, bow to pressure and then vehemently deny it, but I am wondering if we could have juiced a little more from Britain, France and the US, before agreeing to sign off on a document that could give us a little bit of a bad time with the not - at - all ratiional Iranian presidency.

That's what India needs to shine! Guys who milk anyone who steps at our door dry before giving in. I have a feeling we should have put forth something more than a caution that we are signing with a protest. Tangilbles. Tangibles. Tangibles. We need lots of tangibles!