Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog 2: The follow up

So, this is the blog you will read first or in the order it shows up if there are follow up blogs...but you know how to get to "Blog 1". :p

Okay here is the deal. This is just downright irritating. It is long, and I will try to keep it interesting, but "interesting" is not how I felt.

I admit, traveling back to India after 5 years is no joke, and you need to adjust to many quirks. But not at the price of INR 7,500. That translates to about USD 150 - 180 a month.

Let us call the organization, "The Company" for ease of use.

So, I set up a service to buy a mobile device and subscribe for a monthly fee of unlimited "Platinum" internet service with this company.

I was told "You will get a bill at the end of the month, it is enough if you pay then."

I offered to pay then and there but the offer was declined.

And then a strange thing happened around the middle of last month! I got some strange SMS.

Here is the actual text:

"Dear xxx Customer please pay Rs. 2462.25 to continue enjoying ISD services. We value your association with us. Thank you."


1. The grammar is incorrect. There was no comma after the Customer.

2. There is no associated deadline with the payment request.

3. The you is not capitalized in Thank You.

Leave alone the fact that I did not know I had ISD services on the phone.

Now, I made a mental note to check up on some later date. Then, I got another message:

"Dear xxx Customer please pay Rs. 3649.25 to continue enjoying Outgoing services. We value your association with us. Thank you."

-- Note the absence of a deadline and the funny art of capitalizing random words in the middle of a sentence.

Then came the hilarious part where next day, I received this, "Outgoing calls de-activated."

Well you know, the damned thing stopped working.

Let me explain in a separate post what happened at "Customer Service"


Blogger Lone Crusader said...

i faced a customer service problem while in India.I bought a cellphone in cbe and then went to chennai to meet relatives. i bought a card to reload minutes in my mobile, only to find that i cannot use it, because my phone was in cbe service circle.WTF.and they did not inform me about this earlier.

9:54 AM  

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