Thursday, October 05, 2006

What does India lead the world in? And how bad is it?

Why are we leading the world in some of the worst things?

Why are businesses in India unable to stand by any level of dignity, ethics or decorum?

Well how bad is this. Very!

Businesses reflect a collective thought. So if you are part of an organization that is greasing government officials or any responsible people, then it reflects on you as well.

Just like companies expect you to embrace their goals, vision and ambition, they also should expect you to embrace their corrupt attitude.

Now, the interesting aspect is, an employee of a corrupt organization would not have any desire to be loyal to the organization itself.

"If my boss cheats, why cannot I cheat."

An important aspect ignored by these businesses. I think acts of personal responsibility are important.

The two key proponents for change have to be:

1. Leaders of major organizations.
2. All employees of small businesses.

Just like we have "Green" or "Eco" businesses, we need "Clean" businesses. I am interested, are you?


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