Sunday, October 22, 2006

How will India shine? The status of Orphaned HIV patients

This is not new. It took them about 60 years to pass laws, that will probably remain effectively only on paper- banning child labor.

There is another breed of children in India that suffers silently. This is the breed of children who are HIV positive. These children are the worst - having themselves not been responsible for their disease in any manner whatsoever.

Why then do they have to pay the heaviest prices which even India's worst criminals don't pay?

This is not new - like I said in the beginning. Earlier, a couple of years ago, I presume, HIV positive children were expelled from schools based on the protests of "educated" parents.

Now the question is not "How do we educate these idiots?"

It is more of, "How do we protect the children after they have been, for the lack of better words, 'discovered and condemned'?"

I would like to know more about the legal challenges. I have written to the organization of people surviving with HIV in India.

Let us see what happens...


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