Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog 1 on Customer Service in India (Explanation to Follow)

This is the transcript of a complaint I sent to a "large" wireless service provider. Lets just say that the guy who runs this company and I share the fate of bearing the same alma mater.


Complaint About Miserable Customer Service

I registered for your mobile internet access for my laptop on August 29th. Though the initial set up was good, here is a list of things that happened that were just miserable:

1. You have a 3 SMS message system which is downright out of sync with any logic. This system automatically cancelled my connection on a random SUNDAY afternoon asking me to pay a particular amount. That is the cynosure of bad customer service. How does a customer pay on a Sunday?

2. You have a random system of assigning a credit line of Rs. 2000 which doesnt amount to a full 50 dollars or so, to anyone. How does that work?

3. I did not receive a copy of my bill for the month through September 29 at all, and I have already received one of your SMS messages.

Is there anyone aware of the words "Customer" and "Service" that works in your organization.

Of course I do not expect to hear sane replies or apologies from you, but do not assume this is the last you will hear from me about your abysmal levels of customer service.



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