Tuesday, September 26, 2006

India's economic competence: Ranked 42

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Linux in India, an enforced revolution without direction?

Linux is spreading in India!! Oh my God! Big deal...

It is being enforced in India is more like it. So how different is it from Microsoft.

The joke is, it has started spreading in the State of Kerala, a state famous for embracing backward thoughts without thinking even once about it...

In principle, anything free will spread fast, even if it is junk.

While we can worry about unstable, unsupported programs a little later....what about the principle of the thing?

How does one revile corporate interests that monopolise an industry? By coercing educational institutions?

And as it is, the true power of Linux is not revealed to the students. No one is being really shown wnat the powers of Open Source truly are.

What is the use of such misdirected revolution? Other than to IBM, Red Hat and people generally frustrated with Microsoft for no better reason?