Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Girl Child Abortions..justice served at last?

Why are doctors, who are supposed literate, cogitant (not in, but in generic use - applied here to mean cogitative), and as a result, educated, disrespecting a law that clearly disapproves of abortion of the girl child - all for a good cause. In fact, the law disapproves of revelation of the child's sex, in a hope to prevent any influences.

I am happy, that atleast after 12 years, justice has been served. I would paste a copy of this article on every OBGYN's office, to remind them of the fallacy they are wilfully committing if they help eliminate life, just because it was not a preferred sex.

Yes, we do understand, the girl child is seen as a burden, and until we fix that, we do not have a solution, but we will strive to take care of that part, if the doctors, take care of this for us. Taking care of us, is after all, a profession they have committed to, under a noble oath.