Monday, October 31, 2005

Now what do you think about Call Center Work Culture in India?

The part about a few stuck up companies pulling back contracts, doesn't bother me, but this, definitely does!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Does Madras need low quality moral police?

India's shameless press!

So, when are we going to change? What gave Dinamalar the right to intrude into people's lives like this? Will we see a day in our lives, when people from Dinamalar will spend time in prison for what they do/did?

As it is, the Indian Press is subliminally low in quality, and very vocal in demonstrating hatred towards any mild form of criticism. Was it Dinamalar being cheap, trying to sell a few extra copies, or was it "freedom of press"?

Freedom of Press is a useless self - licensing jargon that the press in India has created, fostered and obtained Supreme Court blessings for (Oh! the court might jail me to apologize, the next time I land in India -> shiver! shiver!).

It is ridiculous to see press coverage being so poor in every possible form. If you opened up a news website, you would be taken to either or a promise of a low interest loan, or a combinational barrage of pop - ups, pop - downs and pop - befores and afters. Don't even get me started on syntax and grammar. (Before you jump the gun, this is my blog, and I don't get paid for propriety - atlest here!)

Since the internet happened, the Indian press has put up its downward spiral for the whole world to see. Its not just that, its also a barefaced demonstration, that the Indian public can influence or change them in no way - after all, they can't change the politicians, why bother with the press?

Enraged, as ever,


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi

It has been several scores of years since the man most influential in India's current existance was assassinated. Where is India today? Nowadays, due to no fault of his, Gandhi's birthday or Jayanthi is becoming an increasingly painful affair to deal with.

Why is that so?

Well, for one, it makes you stop and reflect about what is happening in India. What is happening to India? What am I as a person contributing to the progress of India? What can I do, about everything that seems to have gone wrong? Should I just remain optimistic about the few rays of hope?

Now, when you dig deep and ask these questions, there is that feeling of pain. However, Gandhi was a man of optimism. He always said, "Be the change you want to see in this world". So maybe, amidst all the reflection and the welling thoughts, you and I, as citizens, could promise to be more truthful, more patriotic, to embrace the righteous path for India, and one day hope that when October 2nd swings by, we see more hope and happiness, than despair on our country's state.

It is also important to acknowledge all the good that has happened, and all the good that has been done in India, isn't it? If we never acknowledge the positive, who will remain motivated to keep doing whatever they are doing to carry on the progressive work?

More thoughts, and again, more thoughts, however, I am confident, one day, if not idealistically, atleast realistically we can establish a Gandhian society of self sustenance and uprightness.

Jai Hind!